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Core Technique


A formulation to activate the freeze-dried probiotic before consumption to improve the efficacy of the given product. Lactic acid bacteria in freeze-dried probiotics themselves have very low activity in the body. In this state, most of the bacteria will die if they pass through the stomach and bile acid which the place of human pH is lowered to 2.5. Even if it is alive, it will be in a dying situation. B-active is a technology that ensures the number of lactic acid bacteria reaching the stomach when the lactic acid bacteria are dissolved with water and certain nutrients and increases the activity.


(Pharmaceutical Meta-analytical Screening)

People all have different configurations of intestinal microflora. PMAS is Probiotics/Prebiotics Meta-Analysis Screening is a tool developed to probiotics or prebiotics according to provide the most optimal personalized treatment. HEM utilizes PMAS to derive the best combination of probiotics and prebiotics for the individual and provides optimized probiotics for the individual based on the results to enable effective intestinal microflora recovery.