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Personalized Service

PMAS-Customized Solutions

OHMYGUT service analyzes individual gut microbiota to look for a personalized solution. Our patent application technology, Pharmaceutical Meta-Analysis Screening (PMAS), extracts gut microbiota from fecal samples, and replicates them to test what solutions are needed to implement to transform intestinal microorganisms into healthy environments. The service not only provides probiotics as a supplement food, but also suggests the most suitable probiotics from the results of the PMAS, such as the comprehensive score of intestinal health and the intestinal health age through the analysis of intestinal microorganisms, and, then optimized solution is provided to individuals to enable effective gut microbiota recovery based on the results,.

Benefits of receiving regular checks

The gut microbiota continue to change with their surroundings. It depends on the food you eat, and drugs like antibiotics have a big impact. Therefore, regular gut microbiota examinations allow you to see how gut microbiota react by the environment, and as health data pile up, you can learn your own health information.

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