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CEO Interview with CJ R&D "Be a researcher who changes the world with sicence!"

Our CEO, Dr. Wilhelm Holzapfel, had a interview with CJ R&D.

In the interview, the professor, whose dream was to be a farmer, said he had come to study life science to become a scientist who could handle nature and have a good influence.

He is unusual in that he felt the need to interact with other areas rather than just academics,

so he didn't study for a long time for just one area, but encountered a variety of fields, including agriculture, food science, microbes and chemistry.

In the interview, he delivered a message of comfort and encouragement to young researchers who are confused by the lack of clear vision.

He told them that we are all different beings and that no one can judge our values recklessly, and encouraged them to develop the power to do their best now before chasing away distant values.

He saids that  the present may be tough,

but when young researchers look at the next 10 years, they should remember that the next six months, two years, are tiny, and fill it with the time they find what they really want to do in their lifetime.

In particular, he recommended to join various opportunities such as an idea contest to develop the courage to challenge anything and find brilliant ideas, even if there are risks.