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Participation in BIO KOREA 2019 International Convention

HEM participated in Bio Korea 2019 (BIO KOREA 2019), which was held on April 17 to 19 by the Korea Health Industry Development Institute.

It was a large-scale event involving more than 25,000 health industry officials from 50 countries, 

with the theme "Leading Next Technology, Leaping to the Future",

It was a great opportunity to experience the innovation and products of the health industry, as a meaningful event to help the public understand the health industry more easily and understand its importance.

Through this event, we introduced what HEM is doing, and what our OHMYGUT service is, to the participants.

HEM is a gut microbiome specializedresearch company, which supports indivicuals suffering from intestinal imbalance of microorganisms.

Our OHMYGUT service provides a comparison and analysis of the indivicual health status classifying individual gut microbiota of each adults, adolescents, children and babies.

It provides one-to-one customized health solution for the current state of health and for the improvement of intestinal health.

By introducing these services through Bio Korea 2019, we were able to promote new ways to protect the intestinal health of countless people.

BIO KOREA2019 details: https://www.biokorea.org/biokorea/about_01.asp