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Microbiology Research

Intestinal health is a key factor impacting our well-being and quality of life, and people living in the 21st century have become decisively aware and surprisingly knowledgeable about this issue. Probiotics protect the intestinal health by promoting and supporting beneficial bacteria in our body. Our investigations focus on ways and means by which our carefully selected strains can improve the quality of life and promote the health of people.
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Microbiome Research

The cells of the human body are outnumbered ten times by the coexisting microbial numbers. Research has shown that these microbes communicate with the host to maintain a healthy balance. Our research aims at maintaining or restoring the “fitness” of our gastro-intestinal system.
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PMAS, a core technology of HEM, is a meta-analysis screening technology that analyzes each person´s intestinal microbiota. Another key technology, B-active, is a simplified procedure to activate lyophilized probiotics before ingestion, and has the purpose of improving product efficacy.

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Personalized Service


TargetBiome is our own technology that is a personalized probiotic analysis service utilizing PMAS (Probiotics Meta-Analytical Screening). It is a precision medical-grade, customized probiotics analysis platform that utilizes the latest analytical techniques, including Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) and our own intestinal fermentation-based data acquisition system (PMAS analysis data).
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The service provides a comparison and analysis of the individual health status classifying individual gut microbiota of each adults, adolescents, children and babies. This one-to-one health solution service proposes customized diet and supplements solutions for the current state of health and for the improvement of intestinal health.
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The microbiome of each person is unique,
in particular that related to the gut microbiota

We therefore focus on a personalized approach for combating health issues related to an unbalance (disturbance) in the human microbiome

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